It may be a macabre subject, but one worth discussing. When it comes to considerations for after your death, it should not be yourself that you are thinking about. I regularly deal with clients who have had a loved one pass away and leave them a cherished belonging or piece of property that take thousands of dollars and sometimes years just to receive.

Grieving for a loved one can be one of the most vulnerable times one experiences, and often takes years to get through. It is tragic to see someone in this state while also having to go through the troubling and stressful process of probate.

I do my very best to make my clients as happy as possible when dealing with the probate of a loved ones estate, but there is always a simpler solution. A trust not only protects your loved ones from any more stress during their time of grief, but even has benefits while you’re still alive. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there is a car accident every 71 seconds in Texas. Have you ever considered who might be in charge of your assets, or your life, in the case that you became incapacitated? This is not a responsible choice only for the elderly.

Estate planning documents are a necessity for being responsible for yourself in the times that you cannot be. I am very experienced in this area of law and would be happy to consult you the same, feel free to schedule an appointment with me from my contacts page.

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